If you would like to see this Black Five up and running again as quickly as possible, to allow the overhaul to continue we are appealing to you for donations. There is currently about £100,000 available towards this restoration, but preliminary estimations indicate the costs for a satisfactory restoration may well amount to over £300,000.

To assist with this restoration appeal, the East Lancashire Railway (ELR) are offering support in the form of, equipment and materials, covered accommodation together with ongoing assistance with volunteers.

Past restoration costs of the loco have generally been funded, by individuals, donations, private loans, a grant, together with a past bequest. In recent times restoration costs have risen considerably with inflationary costs waiting for no one, therefore any donations you can collectively provide, will be of great help towards a satisfactory overhaul.

Any donations received from this appeal will greatly assist towards this restoration and will help to reduce the amount of time required, to achieve this objective. In addition, your donations will result in less dependency upon the ELR, who could then deploy their own resources to other matters the ELR deem important.

You can help by –

  1. Donating a one-off cash sum by cheque
  2.  Bank transfer donation
  3. Donate a online one-off cash sum
  4. Online monthly donations
  5. Register with the Easy Funding scheme
  6. Purchase a shop product
  7. Enquire about becoming a volunteer

We would like to reassure you that (4)5337 is still owned and maintained by the same company who originally saved this Black Five from the scrapyard, no monies have ever been withdrawn from the company in the form of salaries, dividends or any other forms of personal renumeration. Confirmation of this is readably accessible for viewing, through Companies House.Gov.UK.

We can confirm that any monies raised will be deployed towards the capital costs associated with the restoration and ongoing maintenance of (4)5337.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully like us, we all wish her a speedy return.

As they say in Lancashire and the North-

“Ey-up cocker – by gum, we’s-mek-id, reek good un propper agin”.

“So, wi some ov-yer brass, wi’d-do-yer preawd”

On behalf of the loco, we at 26B would like to thank you for your help.