Jan 18

Happy New Year to all supporters

26B are pleased to report that 2022 has commenced with the means with which we aim to continue for the ongoing restoration.

The valves have recently been removed from the loco. After inspection it was obvious that the valves on the drivers side (left hand side of the loco) are damaged.
In past service they appear to have been running with the valve rings clogged with what appears to be both carbonised oil and iron fillings.  Or for the less technically minded  just plain “muck”. They are quite clearly damaged and remedial work is required. Fortunately they did not cause any serious damage to the bore. The opposite valves on the firmans side, appear to have been functioning normally, with no major problems to report.

On the 6th January the oil pipes supplying the lubrication oil to the valves were inspected. It was found that the feed to the main bore was blocked, again with congealed oil and “more muck”.
The conclusion being without any reasonable doubt, this has been the main cause of the valve problems illustrated.

Further work on the valves are scheduled soon (possibly by the end of January). This being the reboring the valve liners and all of the lubrication system none return valves requiring new components.

The estimated cost for the reboring is approximately £2000.00.

In addition, some other remedial work has been taking place with the kind help of some volunteers by cleaning and removing rust from the the locos motion etc.

Further updates to follow.

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